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What is PBX?

If you have ever worked in a larger office, then chances are you have heard the term PBX bandied about. PBX is the acronym for "Private Branch Exchange". In the traditional sense it has acted as a switch station for multiple branches/extensions of the same phone systems, redirecting calls to the correct user. Generally, medium and large companies utilise a PBX as part of their business telephone service, as it’s much more cost effective than connecting an external telephone line to every single handset within the establishment.

There are a few key roles of a PBX system:

  • To create connections between telephone users inside the organisation as well as with callers outside the organisation
  • To keep the connection open for as long as is required and to close it correctly at the end of the call
  • To provide metrics on the system including call statistics and metering related to the calls
  • To allocate an extension to each and every user within the network
  • Offer the option of a call answering menu as well as call hold options
  • Provision of a voice mail box for each extension
  • Transfer of calls in and out of the network
  • You can port your existing number to an ITSP (Internet Telecommunication Service Provider e.g. iinet / Telstra / Engin, Westnet) and keep it wherever or whenever you move.


Alex Telecom Hosted PBX

Reducing costs

Until the introduction of IP based PBX systems, installing the required infrastructure was not only time consuming, but it was expensive and required IT professionals to manage and maintain it.

With Alex Telecom’s hosted PBX however, there is no infrastructure installed on your site and there is no requirement for you to hire a dedicated IT professional and no lag time waiting for the system to be installed. The entire infrastructure you ever need is hosted by us. We route all calls through our cloud based PBX VoIP and direct them to you. All that needs be done on your side is to plug in the handsets to your network and allocate an extension to each user. And with our simple online interface, changing, adding or deleting extensions is simple.

Increasing scalability

The Alex Telecom PBX solution is a cloud based system and therefore any alterations to the existing configuration can be easily handled. You do not require a technician to come in and set things up. With a little training, you can make the changes you need to your system through an online dashboard portal.

Furthermore, costs associated with system growth are incremental compared to the cost of a traditional PBX. With our hosted VoIP solution, your capital costs are limited to the purchase of new handsets; there is no cost for a new PBX, expensive labour or other network infrastructure. Factor in that our system can support up to 500 simultaneous calls, and you have peace of mind knowing your Alex Telecom solution is completely scalable and affordable.

Increasing portability

Perhaps best of all, our handsets are pre-installed with Alex Telecom software and a unique IP, enabling them to be plug-and-play compatible. That is, plug your Alex Telecom enabled phone into any Ethernet port or broadband network and the handset will instantly register on your office network. In terms of opening a new office, the benefits are incredible. No phone infrastructure or waiting to have your line activated. Just plug in the phones and start making calls!

As a leading Australian business VoIP provider, we are confident that we have a hosted VoIP solution that will suit your requirement. Contact us today.

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Customer Testimonial

"Two of our key staff wanted to alter their work-life balance by working from home more often. As a pivotal part of our team, we needed to employ a system that would allow remote access to our phone network so their client's didn't suffer, nor did their work. Alex Telecom provided the telco solution at an affordable price point, to support this direction."

Mark Brown
Director - Engage Media

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